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Bring Lorenzo Papace’s origami bear to life and bring the magic of Christmas under the famous glass roof


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Christmas 2016. Galeries Lafayette goes one step further in their institutional event by bringing “Noël Extra Polaire” to life. Thanks to Overlap Reality’s technology and SkyBoy’s talent , the recycled paper bears imagined by the artist Lorenzo Papace start to move, the century-old dome opens onto the Parisian sky, the ice floe is there. Every visitor can see on his or her phone that it is snowing all around and at 360° at Galeries Lafayette! With SkyBoy, Galeries Lafayette proves once again that the first shop in the world is not a shop like any other!


Skyboy’s “Special Polar Christmas” operation, transformed Galeries Lafayette into a virtual, ice-capped fairy tale by overlapping the real shopping area with animated images. This meant that the store’s visitors simply needed to look at their smartphone or tablet windows to see a 360° polar landscape appear, even on the balconies and under the dome.

To maximise the experience, Galeries Lafayette provided a dedicated space at the heart of the store, along with hostesses to guide visitors through the event. SkyBoy’s unique, patented technology enables virtual images to be juxtaposed with the real surroundings, giving a far more precise effect than augmented reality allows, and what is more, the images can be shared on the internet. The operation not only takes place on site, but also potentially anywhere else via social networks. SkyBoy’s “Special Polar Christmas” was as much a retail success for Galeries Lafayette as it was a viral one.

User Experience

This is the first time Galeries Lafayette has offered such an immersive experience to its international visitors. The objective was twofold: to take the fairy tale Christmas shop windows and integrate them into the shopper’s experience, and to re-enchant this historic and mythical location thanks to the magic of Christmas.

The special aspect of SkyBoy’s Overlapped Reality technology is that it can be perfectly integrated into any location, providing the visitor with seamless continuity between the virtual and reality: thanks to ingenious special effects, the opening of the dome seems completely real. Thus, visitors were able to be amazed by the snow or enjoy looking for bears, all the while learning about the partnership between Galeries Lafayette and the NGO Wild Touch, and understanding the importance of the conservation of the polar bear habitat..


Our immersive and poetic experience received exceptional praise from visitors of all ages: the video was viewed over 250,000 times on Facebook in less than two days, which makes it the biggest viral video in Galeries Lafayette’s history. Close to one million people have been reached completely organically through social media.

The app was used on site 49 000 times by intrigued visitors who came to see what the event was about. The experience truly captivated customers of all generations, who stood for a long time searching the dome’s sky closely for bears or snowflakes. Leading French and international media organisations, such as BFM TV, The Good Life, Luxury Daily, Maddyness and LSA all covered this unique experience, highlighting its creative, innovative and groundbreaking nature…

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