Historial of peronne

Project details

To bring historical and emotional content to the visit by bringing to life and animating the museum’s spaces and themes (Joe Sacco’s fresco at Thiepval, the soldiers’ costumes at Péronne).

International visitors and schoolchildren



Project's context

The Historial of the Great War in Péronne approached The Overlap Factory as part of the renovation of the museum’s mediation tools in Péronne and Thiepval.

Overlap Reality’s technology has made it possible to develop two digital mediation paths, offering visitors to these two sites the possibility of living original immersive experiences that rely on the narrative and emotional strength of the stories presented:

  • At Thiepval, by transporting the visitor into the panorama of the Battle of the Somme via the fresco drawn by Joe Sacco with the magical appearance of a Scottish soldier who appears from the fresco to tell us about his 1st July 1916 at different stages of the battle.
  • In Péronne: the uniforms exposed in the pits come to life with the appearance of soldiers and a nurse of different nationalities who tell us about their war. Another content, “The Soul of the Castle”, allows the visitor to go through the history of the Castle and the city of Péronne through the times in a playful and original way.

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