Soldat Léon

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During the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, allow the events of June 6 to be relived

Ouistreham’s Tourists

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Project's context

June 2014: The town of Ouistreham hosts the 70-year commemoration of the landings. The world’s leaders, such as the Queen of England and Barack Obama come together at this place of remembrance, attracting thousands of visitors. What better for marking this historic event than to bring it to life in situ? Relive the landings as if you were there! Thanks to SkyBoy’s Overlapped Reality and their storytelling skills, the landing beaches’ visitors are plunged in to an incredible journey back in time. An out of the ordinary tourist experience that creates a strong impact and intense feelings.


The “Soldier Leon” operation, created by SkyBoy for the Ouistreham tourist office, involved reconstructing, as accurately as possible, a scene from the beach landings.

This historic and immersive experience aimed at both national and international tourists, was accessible on smartphones thanks to a free application downloadable from the Apple store and Play store. Tablets were also made available on site by the tourist office. Once opened, the application showed a map of Ouistreham and the user was invited to make their way to the tourist office’s panoramic terrace. It was only at this precise location that the adventure could be experienced, as it was right at this spot that the battle had taken place 70 years earlier.

user Experience

Meeting point on Ouistreham beach, or more precisely on the panoramic terrace, to initiate the experience. Aim your smartphone in front of you and immerse yourself in a 360° historical battle! Defence items are scattered on the sand and Blockhouses emerge from the ground.

Suddenly, shells explode all around you. If you aim towards Avenue Pasteur, you will see Commander Kieffer’s tank appear and fire towards the casino bunker. Lastly, back to the present day where the 93-year-old soldier, Leon Gautier appears in front of you and delivers a message of hope, wishing with all his heart that such atrocities shall never happen again on his beloved land.


A virality made possible thanks to Overlapped Reality: when the experience plays out via your Smartphone application, the 360° video is unblocked so that the visitor can share it with friends and family, without needing to be at the location. Everyone can then become great ambassadors for operation “Soldier Leon”. The project received the jury prize from the Upper Normandy Press Club.

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